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Portland Locksmith Commercial Key Extraction


Portland locksmith broken keyAs a business owner, you have much responsibility to ensure the success of your company. Sometimes it is necessary to share some of the responsibilities with hired employees. This often times includes providing some or the majority of your employees with a key to your establishment so that they are able to get inside so to start their shift and also to secure the business at night.


With so many keys floating about, it doesn’t come to too much of a surprise when an accident happens such as a key breaking inside of one of the locks to the business. A broken key is not uncommon, it happens every day.


When attempting to do key extraction from the inside of a high security lock, it is necessary to be very careful. You definitely wouldn’t want to accidentally push the key part further into the lock, as this would increase the possibility that you will need to fully replace the lock.


Contact a professional locksmith for key extraction services


The best solution, if you ever find yourself in this scenario, is to contact a trusted locksmith in Portland OR. By utilizing their skill and experience, a Portland locksmith should be able to retrieve the broken key piece from the lock by using various key extraction tools. In addition, they will be able to provide a new key for the employee who no longer has one. If worst comes to worst and the key piece is unattainable, the locksmith will already be there to assist with having a lock change.


Portland locksmith commercial key extractionIn order to assist in preventing this type of issue in the future, it may be helpful to occasionally lube up the locks of your business with WD-40. Just a spray or two will keep the components of a lock from sticking. This sticking can cause the lock to be difficult to turn thus causing the breakage of keys. Another fantastic tip is to keep tabs on the condition of your keys and if you ever notice any weakness in the material of the key, especially on the blade; be sure to have a new key made before your old one breaks.


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