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Choosing a Type of Lock For Your Home


Nowadays, there is no such thing as too much security when it comes to your home or business. There are many types of locks in the market, but the question is which would be the best lock that will answer your home security needs. Here you will find out a great deal of information about the most common locks that are available for your locksmith to install onto various areas of your home and.


Pin Tumbler Locks

A pin tumbler lock is a cylinder based lock that utilizes moving pins to prevent the lock from rotation or unlocking. The primitive design of pin tumbler lock was originally invented in ancient Egypt and was commonly made of wood. In the mid-1800s Linus Yale Sr. and his son, Linus Yale Jr. modified and improved the lock mechanical security and reliability making it the most popular type of lock in use to this day.

Kwikset DeadboltPin tumbler locks consist of a wide variety of styles and types. Some lock manufacturers that produce pin tumbler locks that you may consider having installed by your local locksmith into your home or business are Kwikset, Schlage Everest or Schlage Primus, various options by Master Lock and most preferably because of their security, Medeco Locks.

Some pin tumbler locks may be more secure than other pin tumbler locks. For an excellent security boost, lock manufacturers and locksmiths can provide your pin tumbler lock with more security pins. Increasing the number of security pins inside of your pin tumbler lock protects from lock hacks such as lock picking and bumping. But keep in mind that regardless of the number of security pins inside your lock, all locks are vulnerable to some sort of illegal trespass, including impressioning.

Another large factor in the security of a pin tumbler lock is the material quality of the lock, so it’s not always a good idea to think the lowest price when purchasing locks from your locksmith that you want to protect your belongings and last you for a long amount of time.


Disc Detainer Tumbler Locks

Disk detainer tumbler locks are as secure as lever locks, but are less secure than pin tumbler locks. You may find a disk detainer lock inside of your vehicle, on some desks and on various types of coin operated machines. Disk detainer tumbler locks does not use a spring inside to work, so this type of lock is also a great choice for harsh conditions such as outside use. These locks provide strong protection against lock picking and key bump attacks, but it is still possible if someone possesses the perseverance and skill. If you’re planning on installing a disk detainer tumbler lock, or many other types of locks, you can ask your locksmith to install anti-drilling plates to protect against any sort of forced entry into your home.


Lever Tumbler Locks

Lever tumbler locks are composed of some flat pieces of metal (called the levers) and a bolt that work together to lock. Due to their level of security and ease of installation, lever tumbler locks were once the most popular type of lock that was used until the improved design and quality of pin tumbler locks arrived in the 1850’s at an even lower cost. Although, you can still find many lever tumbler locks in current use all over Europe and South America. Lever locks are available in many sizes and shapes and are oftentimes found on desks, mailboxes, lockers, bank deposit boxes and suitcases. Lever tumbler locks, like most locks available, are vulnerable to lock pickers, impressioning and bumping.

Portland locksmith lever lock
Make sure that when you are having locks installed by your local locksmith in Portland, be sure to ask about the various security measures the locks will provide for you. Locks that are resistant to various attacks may cost extra, but will keep you protected from burglars. Ask your local locksmith what they can do for you to keep you safe.

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