Types Of Door Locks a Locksmith Portland Technician Will Service

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You will be fooling yourself if you think you will find a residential or commercial property that does not have any type of door lock implemented on the front door of it the least. Door locks are critical for the security of a property regardless of the type or size. This is a common fact. However, most people are not familiar or have the knowledge when it comes to different door lock types a locksmith Portland technician will service. When it comes to security, it is crucial to choose the right type of lock for your home. This is because some door locks are more appropriate than others in some situations. By understanding the different types of locks, you will be able to make an educated decision along with the local locksmith in your area regarding the best type of lock for your property.

Deadbolt locks

A deadbolt lock is probably the most common type of like you will encounter in residential properties. Most home owners are well familiar with the single cylinder deadbolt type which considered almost a necessity on the front or back door of a home. However, there are many other types that sometimes are used in homes as well. You will mostly find a deadbolt on the exterior doors of a home, thou it is perfectly usable on interior door as well, but not very practical. Unlike a traditional lever or knob door lock, a deadbolt is not spring loaded, and has a different type of mechanism.

The main reason a deadbolt popularity is very high for residential settings is mostly because of its security benefits in comparison with other types of locks. However, what any professional locksmith Portland will tell you is that not all deadbolts created equal. That is why, deadbolt locks (or locks in general) will come marked with a certain grade level. The grading system allows the customer to understand the durability of the deadbolt. Most deadbolts types you will find in the market are single and double cylinder deadbolts. The only difference between the two is the fact that the single uses a keyed cylinder only on one side and the double uses a keyed cylinder on both sides.

Single side deadbolts normally are more than enough to provide decent protection for your home. However, some home owners go for the double sided because of the added security benefits. As previously mentioned, some scenarios require certain types of locks. For example, a double cylinder deadbolt may add another security layer, but will also decrease your chances of evacuation quickly from your home in case of an emergency. You can consult with your local locksmith Portland company to determine the best type of deadbolt that would suit your home security needs.

Door knob locks

As you may already know, door knobs locks can be found in every home. They are used mostly on interior doors and rarely on exterior doors and normally with the addition of a deadbolt. The reason for that is mostly since they offer low level of security. Unlike a deadbolt, a door knob will give up fairly quick under certain amount of force and pressure that otherwise won’t affect much on a deadbolt. In other words, you can bang on a door knob with a hammer and that might be enough to defeat it. Once the door knob is defeated, access to the cylinder inside it would very easy to access. A professional locksmith Portland tech would always recommend having a deadbolt as well if you decided to have a door knob on the front door of your home to prevent compromising the security of your home.

When it comes to door knobs, it is best if they are used for interior purposes only. They initially allow for an easy access through doors inside of a home. Additionally, with this type of lock you’ll have easier time to evacuate in case of an emergency. It is important to understand how door knob type locks are working in order to determine what would be the best place to have them installed. When you learn about the different pros and cons of a certain lock, it helps to make an educated decision regarding the best type of lock to keep your home secure. Contacting a residential locksmith in Portland will certainly help you narrow the options.

Door knob Portland locksmith

Lever locks

Just like deadbolt locks, cylindrical lever locks are commonly used both in commercial and residential properties. However, they are normally more popular on commercial settings. It is very similar to the door knob type lock, but seem more popular on commercial settings probably because the ease of use on high traffic environments. Many locksmith Portland technicians would normally recommend using lever locks in commercial properties because of their ability to hold slightly better than door knobs.

Despite the fact that cylindrical lever locks can be used on residential properties, just like door knobs, they are not the most ideal security solution for the front or back door of your home. Any Portland locksmith will tell you that there are other types of door locks that would be a better fit for exterior use on residential properties. Similar to door knobs, cylindrical lever locks can be defeated with ease as well. The lever handle is the weaker link that is often targeted by intruders in order to defeat the lock.

keyless entry locks

In today’s world, many home owners opt to using keyless entry locks on their homes. Often called smart locks or electronic locks, keyless entry locks gain popularity in recent years. Most people would confuse between the definitions of smart locks and electronic locks. In reality, not all electronic locks are smart locks. Whether it is an electronic lock, or a smart lock type, keyless entry locks are often used on residential properties for the benefit of having better access control and in general to make access to your home more efficient.

Keyless entry lock that has smart lock capabilities is defined by its ability to work with other electronic devices such as smart phones and computers through Wi-Fi. These capabilities allow the devices to control the operation of the lock by locking and unlocking it remotely. Electronic locks on the other hand, do not depend on any type of wireless communication in order to operate the lock, they work on an electric current that control the operation of the locking mechanism.

If you ever considered having a keyless entry lock installed at your home by a professional locksmith Portland company such as Advantage Locksmith Portland, it is important to understand how these types of locks work in addition to the pros and cons that they have. For instance, most electronic keyless entry locks may stop working during a power outage unless it is a model that may be equipped with a battery is a form of backup. Last but not least, when you deal with such complex lock, it is best to call a professional locksmith Portland technician for a lock installation or any other type of related service.

keyless entry door locks

Consult a locksmith Portland before making a decision

Although there are many other types of door locks that can be used for homes and businesses, the locks that were mentioned are the most common you’ll find. Additionally, these are the types of locks that any locksmith Portland will service regardless of the brand name. It is good to be aware there are many types of door locks in the market. However, the increase in option may also drive you in making the wrong choice. That is why it is important to contact us a professional locksmith in Portland company that has the knowledge and experience to help you make an educated decision regarding the security of your home.