Ignition Switch Replacement What You Need To Know

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Trouble starting the car

When your car fails to start after you insert the key into the ignition switch and turn it, there is a good chance that the ignition switch is bad. Most people who are not knowledgeable, will attempt to replace the car battery as a fast and easy solution in hopes it would solve the problem, but more often than not, it doesn’t. When you have an issue starting the car when turning the ignition switch, it is most likely an electrical or mechanical problem with the ignition switch itself which would require an ignition switch replacement by a professional locksmith in Portland.

Portland locksmith ignition switch replacement

When you know ignition switch replacement is inevitable

Often when you experience issues with the ignition switch of your vehicle, you may be deceived by other issues that will hide the real problem. However, when the car is not starting, it is most of the times a symptom of an ignition issue. If you would have attempting to start your vehicle and there will be no crank, that would be a mechanical issue for your local mechanic shop to handle most likely. If the ignition switch determined as faulty, an ignition switch replacement would be required.

Can the ignition switch be repaired?

Only in particular instances on particular makes and models the ignition switch could be repaired. Rarely there would be a faulty component inside the ignition switch that could be replaced and will solve the problem. Sometimes it will come down to the availability and cost of the component and whether or not a replacement ignition switch would be better. A professional locksmith often will be able to diagnose the problem and discover that there may be more than one issue with the ignition switch.

When it comes to ignition switch replacement your best option is an automotive locksmith in Portland. Not only a locksmith is experienced with such procedure, the technician will also be able to provide you with same day service as well as traveling to your location to provide it.

How long does the procedure takes?

Each make and model vehicle is different, so the time to do the ignition switch replacement will vary depending on the complexity of the process to get and remove the ignition. Aside from mechanical parts that may need to be removed in order to pull the ignition switch free, there are the interior trim pieces that would need to be removed first. Keep in mind that everything that was removed, would need to be put back properly as well which include the new ignition switch. Additionally, depending on the particular make and model, there is a chance that the car is equipped with a transponder system. In such case the locksmith will need to program car key as well which will add to the process time. So the process might take between 20 minutes to an hour for an automotive locksmith to complete.

Is a locksmith really the best choice for an ignition switch replacement?

The biggest advantage of having a professional locksmith Portland do the ignition switch replacement service for you is the fact that a technician will travel to your location to provide the service. Most locksmith companies in the area of Portland, OR provides emergency services. This means that the technicians are always equipped with service vehicles stocked with the right equipment and tools to perform any type of locksmith related job. Instead of worrying about getting your vehicle towed to the local dealership or mechanic shop, you could save some money by contacting your local locksmith in Portland which will come to your location to provide the service.

When you call a locksmith, make sure you will have the right information about your vehicle, so the technician can secure a proper replacement part so the procedure will go smoothly. The service can either be done by appointment or as same day emergency service. The time in which a new ignition switch can be retrieved will depend on the availability of the part from different local vendors. The more common the make and model is, the more likely the part will be available the same day.

Diagnosing a bad ignition switch

In order to determine if an ignition switch replacement is indeed required, a locksmith will check the behavior of the vehicle first. The first step would be to rotate the key throughout all the positions of the ignition switch. Normally you can expect at least 4 different positions on an ignition switch in which the key can rotate to. The “off” position would be the first one. When the key is in the “off” position, there will be no power directed anywhere in the car.

The second position would be the “accessories” position normally marked as “ACC”. Just as the name implies, this position will allow certain electric systems in the vehicle to run such as the lights and radio. Next there is the “ON” position. Once the key is rotated to this position, the dashboard lights will turn on in addition to power directed to the accessories of the vehicle as well as the power windows. When the key is rotated to the “ON” position, the engine will still not start. Only when the key is rotated to the “START” position, the engine will start.

One of the signs that will indicate a faulty ignition switch is when the is rotated to the “ON” position, and there will be no dashboard lights as it suppose to be. Additional symptom would be unusual heat that will come from the ignition switch which would be a sign of faulty ignition switch electronics. These types of issues may cause the ignition switch to operate intermittently. Other occurrence would be that the key won’t rotate to the “START” position at all or rotate freely throughout the positions which would mean an ignition switch replacement is inevitable. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms or others, don’t attempt to fix the issue yourself as you may cause more damage to surrounding components or the entire ignition system. Instead, contact us, a local professional such as Advantage Locksmith Portland for an ignition switch replacement service.