How to Increase Home Security After a Break-In

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A Home break-in is a terrible thing. It will leave the victim with a sense of violation. Beyond the mental repercussions, there are also financial ones. There is a need to repair the security that was overwhelmed, replace what was stolen, and hopefully invest in making sure that this type of thing is avoided in the future. You know that you need to call the Police to have the best chance of getting justice, but what do you need to do after they leave? When it is just you in a home that has been broken into, how do you go about making sure it is secure?

Assess the Damage

After a break-in, there may be a lot that is broken. Everything from shattered glass, to loose screws, to splinted wood, may be lying on the ground. It is up to the homeowner to assess all of the damage that has been done and create a repair strategy, but the residents must also be sure to clean up the interior and exterior of the property. There is a major safety risk for homeowners after a break-in, which revolves around injuries that may be sustained from walking in or around the house.

These concerns are more pressing in the event that there are pets and children that visit or reside in the home. Broken glass on walkways may also present a hazard to pedestrians and passersby. The type clean up will not be handled by the authorities. The dangerous debris from a burglary should be removed as soon as possible to ensure the safety of everyone around. Be sure that clean up only takes place after the authorities have been notified, and cleared the crime scene. Cleaning the home will make it very difficult for police to gather evidence and inform you about specifics of the crime.

Method of Entry

It is very important that you gather insight from security professionals such as a Portland locksmith, or law enforcement, as to how exactly the perpetrators gained entry. Knowing the methods used to overcome your security will be instrumental in informing your future precautions. You will need to know if the locks were picked, if the door was kicked down, if a window was broken so that someone could reach in and manipulate the door locks, if you simply did not lock the door, etc. You will also need to know where the criminal(s) entered from.

The method of entry and the precise entry point will allow you to better understand the failings of your security. Look at the area and the security that was exploited and attempt to put yourself in the shoes of the criminal. What about that area made it more enticing than another? The answer will almost always be convenience. But what made it more convenient? Were the locks very low security? Was the door weak? Was the glass too close to the locks? The answers to these questions will be immensely important to the process of increasing your home security.

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Repair Home Security

Repairing your home security is very important. You need to make sure that you have some form of functional security after a break-in. The sense of fear that you feel after this type of crime may feel crippling. But it is important not to get dragged down by a feeling of powerlessness. It is true that your security did not fend off a criminal, but having broken locks, doors, windows, etc., will attract more attention from thieves. Again, criminal activity is all about convenience, means, and opportunity. Leaving very visible, and rather large, holes in your security is much worse than repairing a somewhat ineffective system.

The biggest consideration for repair is to make sure that everything works properly. If you do not have the materials or ability to perform these repairs yourself, then you can contact a mobile locksmith in the Portland. Depending on the time of day, you may need to contact a locksmith technician that is available after business hours. Going with a professional locksmith in Portland will also cut down the time of having to purchase materials yourself. The additional convenience of them coming to you will allow you to stay at the property, in order to prevent any incidents from happening while you are waiting on the repairs.

Increase Home Security

Reaching out to professional security technicians also gives you the opportunity to increase your home security during the repair process. A home locksmith can offer further insight into possible preventative measures that you can take to increase the security of your home. They will be able to rekey your locks, and even repin them with security pins. These measures will decrease the likelihood of surreptitious entry, which is a fancy way of saying they will make the lock harder to open without a sign of forced entry. If forced entry is a concern, a locksmith can offer methods of making the door, lock hardware, and even windows, stronger.

Home Security Conclusion

Anger and frustration are normal feelings after a break-in, but there is no need to be afraid. Fear is not going to help you fix your home security. The first step in getting your peace of mind back is assessing the damage. Look around and clean up all the hazardous debris. Understand how the thieves got in, and try to figure out why they chose that method of entry. Fix up the security that was broken, either yourself or contact a professional such as Advantage Locksmith Portland, and then improve on what you had. By doing all of this, your home will be secure and safer after a home break-in.

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