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Program Car Key Portland


It could be that you happen to lose the only key you had to your vehicle and during the frustration from the situation, you went ahead to your local dealership to inquire about a new key. What you may not have known is the fact that your car may be equipped with a transponder system and the technicians would need to program car key in order for the transponder car key to work. Not only the rates of the dealership for such service may be expensive, it is most likely that you would need to have your car towed there in order to complete the service. Alternatively, a Portland locksmith shop will charge a fraction of the dealership price, and if needed, will be able to send a mobile locksmith Portland technician to your location to program car key.


Why program car key


Over 2 decades ago, car keys were simple enough to unlock the doors of a vehicle and start it without using anything fancy, just a simple metal key that sometimes had a plastic cover on the head of it. However, with technology progressing this past couple of decades, transponder car keys have emerged to improve the security of a vehicle. The vehicle’s transponder system consist of a chip inside the actual car key. The transponder chip allows communication between the key and the vehicle’s on-board computer once it is inserted into the ignition cylinder. This was intended to prevent theft using hot-wiring or different theft methods. If your car is equipped with a transponder system, starting it would be impossible with just a traditional metal key even if it was cut and duplicated using the original key. However, even when you get a replacement key which is a transponder, but only duplicate the cuts of it, it would still not start the car unless an automotive locksmith will go through program car key procedure.


Program car key Portland locksmith


Certainly the world of automotive have progressed in the last couple of decades when it comes to security. Because of high rise of theft in the country, the industry had to come up with an improvement to a vehicle’s security system. The automotive industry was able to achieve that by integrating various security features into vehicles which include the transponder system as well. In order for a professional locksmith to program car key and cut it as well, special equipment is required. Advantage Locksmith Portland is a company that is always investing in latest technology equipment that can be used to program car key on a wide range of make and models.


How to program car key


To program car key, such process can be done in different ways which mostly depends on the year make and model of the vehicle. Very few vehicles can be programmed by the owner with a little technical knowledge. However, in such situation, the original key of the vehicle is needed. This is done by using the original key to get the car into programming mode in order to have the new key programmed. If there is no key available for the car, then a professional locksmith will be needed for the process.


When you contact an automotive locksmith in Portland, you can be sure program car key will be done in a short period of time. This process include using a special device with an updated software that contains programming information about most year make and model vehicles in the market. A locksmith will hook this device to the OBD port of the vehicle in order to start the programming process. This happens only after the locksmith have already cut the key which will then be inserted into the ignition to start the programming process. The time in which program car key will take varies from model to model. It can take a minute or 15 minute, each model will have difference procedure done.


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