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At this time of year it seems people are really taking advantage of the weather to do some outdoor activities. At the lock shop, we have been getting quite a few calls from people who were having a great time at some outdoor gig before they found that they had experienced lost car keys.

We know that lost car keys situation can seem stressful, especially so if you have not ever lost them before. As a Portland locksmith though, I am here to say that really, there is no need to stress as there is a simple solution to the problem of a lost car keys.

Calling up on a mobile locksmith Portland company is the easiest and cheapest way to have a new key produced for your car in the event of lost car keys. The professional automotive locksmith will be able to come to the location that your car is at, so that they can cut and, if necessary, program your key on the spot.

Lost car keys locksmith

Locksmith service for lost car keys

The service will normally happen on the same day unless there are special reasons. At our Portland locksmith shop, we have copies of keys for the majority of vehicle makes that are accessible for immediate use. This means that if you contact us for a missing key to your vehicle, there is a high chance that we possess that key and are able to take it to your location in order to make it in working condition for your specific car.

You may be wondering if anybody could call an automotive locksmith Portland company and asks for a car key make, even if they don’t own it. This cannot happen. What is absolutely needed from you before the car key make is the proof that the vehicle is your own. The professional locksmith can then check the data on this form with the data found connected to the car’s VIN. This is easily accomplished by showing the locksmith your title and registration.

When the locksmith has arrived in order to perform the car key make it shouldn’t take too long, somewhere around an hour is what should be expected to provide you with another key to start your car as a replacement for the lost car keys and go on another summer adventure.