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Locksmith Portland master key system

Master Key System Portland

When there is a property that has multiple keys that pair with multiple locks, it can at times become confusing to figure out which key fits each locking mechanism. This isn’t a good long term solution because these keys can become missing or confused with one another. A great way to manage such situation is to have a locksmith Portland technician go through the locks for a master key system.


What it literally means to have a master key system done to locks is that all of these locks will all be able to be opened by one key instead of needing to possess many keys on one key ring. However, not everyone will have a key that can open every door way.


An example of a master key system in use is commonly seen within apartment complexes. In this scenario, the landlord of the apartment complex possesses a single key that is capable of opening every tenant’s apartment if the necessity arises. Every tenant has a key to their personal living space, but not a key that will open their neighbor’s home.

Master key system locksmith Portland

A master key system requires a lock rekey to be done

In order for a master key system to be performed, a rekey of all of the door locks on the property needs to occur; for this to happen accurately the locks should all be generally of the same type. A commercial locksmith in Portland is able to perform this work expertly by going to the location and working on the existing locking mechanisms.


A lock rekey is an opening of the locking mechanism in order to rearrange the pins located inside of it. This new pin arrangement dictate how the key will pair with the lock to be shaped along the edge. When the locks are going through a master key system, all locks have a somewhat similar pin arrangement so that the master key will work with all of them. A commercial locksmith will possess many keys that can be cut to fit the locks that are to be utilized in a master key system so that everyone gets a key to their office, property entrance or living space.


A master key system is usually performed by a mobile commercial locksmith in Portland. This way, it is not necessary for you to uninstall every lock and go without security for a few hours. The locksmith comes to the location and performs the master key system process all on the same visit.


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