Commercial Door Locks

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What is the difference between residential locks and all those types of commercial door locks? They seem to function in the same way, but commercial door locks are designed with the intent of handling different sorts of demands. As you may expect, a business will have much more people coming through the doors than a home will. To ensure that a business doesn’t have a lock that wears down and breaks easily, it is necessary for a commercial lock to be installed by an expert locksmith. A commercial lock is made of a strong material that can last a long amount of time.

There is a non-profit organization known as the American National Standards Institute, or ANSI that sets standards for locking hardware. This group grades every lock based upon the locks longevity and durability. ANSI has three separate grades of security and durability. Grade 1 certification is the highest grade of security a lock can buy. Often high-traffic public buildings such as schools, hospitals, and museums will be well equipped with grade 1 locks. But if you are concerned about the security or longevity of the locks in your home or office you may want to look into installing grade 1 commercial lock hardware onto your doors as well.

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Commercial door locks in different grades

Grade 2 certified locks are designed to offer excellent security and durability on residences and on some light commercial properties. Now grade 3 locks are extremely basic. These locks have got the lowest grade that can be provided by ANSI, and the minimal acceptable quality for residential door locks. These locks are still safe to utilize, they just will not be able to manage heavy usage. For your commercial door locks and building safety, it is recommended to have a grade 1 or a grade 2 lock installed by a commercial locksmith in Portland.

Commercial door locks, or ANSI grade 1 and grade 2 locks possess high security features at times as well. The key distinction of a high security lock is that a person that doesn’t have special training or knowledge will need to take five minutes or more to manipulate it. The best materials for a commercial door lock will either be solid steel, bronze or brass because any die-cast materials can easily break apart.