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High Security Locks


Locksmith Portland high security deadboltA high security lock is a lock that has been designed to provide stronger resistance to various types of lock compromising attempts. Many lock vendors may try to claim that they are high security, even when they are not. A high security lock has been given a high security rating by professional locksmiths and manufacturers. High security locks use specific designs and characteristics that ensure there is a resistance to manipulation and/or forced entry. The main goal of all high security locks is not to be undefeated, but instead to make defeat too expensive or time consuming to be feasible.


Every door to be secured should have a deadbolt lock that is made of a strong material.
Common features of high security locks can vary from restrictive keyways, key control, manipulation resistance and brute force resistance.


Key control is defined as the ability to control the creation and distribution of keys for a specific lock. Many high security locks have keys that are patent protected so as to prevent any unauthorized manufacturing. These keys have ‘DO NOT DUPLICATE’ stamped on the bow. A special security card is required in order for a commercial locksmith to legally duplicate the key for a client. This means if someone steals your key, they can’t make another of that key unless they have permission from the key’s owner.


Locks with unique security features


Almost all of the high security locks available on the market have components whose objective it is to resist any manipulation from lock picking, impressioning, key bumping and/or decoding attacks. A decoding attack is when a criminal follows a process to determine the composition of the inner lock in order to create a working key. One way to avert lock manipulation is a restrictive keyway. This is a keyway on a lock that is shaped oddly so that thieves who attempt to bump or lock pick find it difficult to maneuver their tools inside of the lock. Additionally, security pins are the most popular example of an anti-manipulation component. Security pins are found inside pin tumbler locks. Purchasing a high security lock that has at least 6 pins is a fantastic way to prevent a lock picker from triumphing.


Portland locksmith high security locksHigh security locks possess strong materials and complex designs that cause them to be resistant to various forced entry techniques. Locks that have ball bearings prevent robbers from prying or jimmying open the door. Having a professional locksmith do lock installation with hardened steel plates within will prevent against a successful drilling of the lock. The stronger the elements within the lock, the less likely the lock will give or break when it is being drilled or pried upon.
Call upon a professional to speak with you further about high security locks. A bonded, licensed, insured and licensed locksmith in Portland will be able to provide you with comfort that your business will be secured by doing a lock change to high security locks. Have your property protected as much as possible with great locks.


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