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Lock Change


Lock Change PortlandTo keep your locks functional and accurately securing your home, a household residence should have a lock change performed on all of the operational locks.


If you have just moved into a new home or apartment, ask the seller or landlord if the locks have been rekeyed or changed. If not, then it is advised that you do have a lock change by a locksmith Portland company to ensure the safety of your home. When you move into a new place, the previous owners could have made any number of keys to use as spares or to lend to friends and relatives. Changing locks will make sure that there isn’t one person who can gain access to your home that you don’t know want to have access.


Depending upon how many people live in your household that possess keys, having lost keys may or may not be a large problem for you. Although keys are randomly dropped, sometimes far away from home, you can never be too careful that the key wasn’t unknowingly dropped right on your doorstep. Or even worse, accidentally left right in the keyway to your home. If there are ever any lost keys, changing locks that the keys will open immediately would be recommended.


Good reason for a lock change


It shouldn’t even have to be mentioned, but if your home was recently trespassed or broken into it is absolutely necessary to do a lock change to your residence. Even if the burglar broke a window, they still could have tried to bypass the locking mechanism first. Therefore, your lock may not be functioning each and every time as you would like it to. A good idea for you may be to changing locks of your home and up the security grade of the locks as well as ask a Portland locksmith to install security features into the locking mechanism.


Some security features that residential properties may find of interest include anti-picking and bump resistant properties. These door lock schemes will ensure that the common criminal cannot gain access to your home without much expertise. Additionally, did you know that some locks are force resistant? This means that if you were to have a force resistant lock on your door, it would be very time consuming and difficult for a burglar to drill, kick or perform any damage to your lock.


Lock Change Portland


If you have been living in the same home for the past five years, please consider having a lock change on the usable locks. Over time, door locks, like everything else, wear out and become less functional due to a ton of usage. If you want to maintain the secure feeling you have in your house with your family and belongings, have your locks changed by a residential locksmith in Portland OR.


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