What To Do When A Key Broken In Lock And How To Prevent

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If you accidentally had your key broken in lock, beware. Do not try to finagle the broken key out of the lock on your own. All types of locks, most pertinently car locks and the car’s ignition, can be easily ruined when trying to remove broken key from lock type that has a delicate keyway. If the key does not come out easily from the key entrance, do not panic.

You can spend a lot of time wrestling the broken key from a lock, but in the end you will still need to call a professional locksmith in Portland for a replacement key. It is much easier to call the locksmith in the first place to quickly assess and remove broken key from a lock for you.

Once the locksmith remove the broken key using specific tools such as a key extractor, he or she can then tailor a duplicate key in place of your broken key. If for some reason the locksmith has trouble removing the broken key, he/she will be able to install for you a new replacement lock with a matching key.

Some examples that may cause broken key in lock

The Frozen Lock Scenario: Imagine coming home on a bitterly cold winter night, and as you insert your key into the front door lock, it unexpectedly snaps. In freezing temperatures, metal becomes more brittle, increasing the risk of a key breaking in a lock. It’s a situation that demands immediate attention and professional assistance.

The Rusty Lock Dilemma: If you live in a coastal area with high humidity, your door locks are vulnerable to rust. Over time, the rust can weaken the key, leading to a break when you try to turn it. This emphasizes the importance of regular lock maintenance, especially in areas with harsh environmental conditions.

To avoid complications from a key broken in lock, here are a few great prevention tips:

-Make sure that you take a look at the keys that you utilize every few weeks or months, whichever you are more comfortable with. Keys will begin to weaken and show most signs of wear between the head and shaft of the key. If you see any indication of cracks or lines anywhere on your key, get a new duplicate made as soon as possible and leave the damaged key with the Portland locksmith.

-Do not use your key in order to pull a door closed shut. This will cause unnecessary tearing of the key.

-If you notice that when you use your key to lock a door and it sticks inside, contact your local locksmith in Portland right away! It is possible the cylinder is aging causing the springs in the lock to weaken and its pins to sag. Overtime, the lock can eventually break or the key broken in it. You will want to either change your lock or have it re-keyed. Either way you will be receiving a new key.

-Do not use your key to conduct actions that the key was not made to complete. For example, your key is not a bottle opener or a box cutter. This will increase the chances of a key breaking in a lock.

Portland locksmith broken key in lock
broken key in lock

Other things to remember

Lubrication Matters: One often overlooked aspect of key breakage prevention is proper lubrication. Applying a silicone-based lubricant to your lock’s keyway periodically can significantly reduce the risk of a key breaking in a lock due to friction. It’s a simple yet effective preventive measure.

Key Duplication Quality: Not all key duplications are created equal. Low-quality duplicates may have imperfections or weak points that increase the likelihood of breakage. Investing in high-quality key duplication services from a trusted locksmith can save you from future key-related headaches.

Modern Lock Technologies: With the rise of smart locks and electronic access systems, a broken key in lock is becoming less of a concern. These advanced technologies eliminate the need for traditional keys, reducing the risk of key-related issues altogether. Considering upgrading to a smart lock can be a long-term solution for enhanced security and convenience.

Emergency Locksmith Services: It’s crucial to have the contact information of a reliable emergency locksmith on hand. Their expertise in key extraction and lock repair can save you time and stress when dealing with a broken key in lock situation. Having a locksmith you trust can be a game-changer in these scenarios.

Advantage Locksmith Portland possesses the resources to securely discard of your old and unneeded keys in a way that protects your privacy. To prevent a key broken in lock, it is recommended to Keep it maintained properly as well as the ways you utilize it. This will help prevent any wear and breakage that may result in a piece of the key from getting stuck inside of the lock.