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Broken Key Inside Lock


If you accidentally had your key break inside a lock, beware. Do not try to finagle the broken key out of the lock on your own. All types of locks, most pertinently car locks and the car’s ignition, can be easily ruined when trying to extract a broken key from the delicate keyway. If the key does not come out easily from the key entrance, do not panic.


Portland Locksmith Broken Key ExtractionYou can spend a lot of personal time wrestling the broken key piece out of a lock, but in the end you will still need to call a professional locksmith in Portland for a replacement key. It is much easier to call the locksmith in the first place to quickly assess and extract the key from the lock for you.


Once the locksmith extracts the broken key using specific tools of the industry, he can then tailor a replica key in place of your broken key. If for some reason the locksmith has trouble catching the broken key, he/she will be able to install for you a new replacement lock with a matching key.


If you want to avoid this complication, here are a few great prevention tips:


-Make sure that you take a look at the keys that you utilize every few weeks or months, whichever you are more comfortable with. Keys will begin to weaken and show most signs of wear between the head and shaft of the key. If you see any suggestions of cracks or lines anywhere on your key, get a     replica made as soon as possible and leave the old key with your locksmith.


-Do not use your key in order to pull your door closed shut. This will cause unnecessary tearing of the key.


-If you notice that when you use your key to lock your door and it sticks inside, contact your local locksmith because it sounds like your cylinder is aging causing your lock’s springs to weaken and its pins to sag. Overtime, your lock can eventually “explode” or your key will break inside of it. You will want to either change your lock or have it re-keyed, either way you will be receiving a new key.


-Do not use your key to conduct actions that the key was not made to complete. For example, your key is not a bottle opener or a box cutter.

Locksmith Portland Broken Key

Advantage Locksmith Portland possesses the resources to securely discard of your old and unneeded keys in a way that protects your privacy. Keeping cognizant of the strength and the ways you utilize your commonly used keys will prevent them from breaking and will especially prevent a piece of a key from getting stuck inside of a lock.

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