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For the majority of the time, acquiring the motivation for solutions to improve business security is triggered by either a change in management, an upgrade in infrastructure or after the property has been compromised via forced entry. Updating your security today will save you in the future. Installing security strike plates and/or latch protectors onto your property will provide you a great service for a long time.

Strike plates are designed to provide additional reinforcement around the extended latch or deadbolt on the jamb side of the entryway, latch protectors are designed to protect the latch or deadbolt from physical forcible manipulation. Pairing security strike plates and latch protectors provide low cost security solutions while at the same time reinforcing entryways.

Latch protector commercial locksmith

Latch protectors against forced entry

Latch protectors provide a physical barrier to deter forced entry by way of kick-ins, door prying, jamb spreading, and other actions that are intended to defeat a locking device. Latch protectors are made from either a stainless steel or a cold-rolled steel base material and undergo a finishing process to achieve the desired finish for each unique customer. Finishes may include aluminum, antique brass, mirrored brass, mirrored chrome and stainless steel.

Latch Protectors are a relatively low cost solution that provides an extra level of security for a latch and deadbolt pair. Anti-spread pins within the latch protector add another physical component to the latch protectors to further secure the area around the latch or deadbolt from physical manipulation.

Latch protector installations can sometimes be difficult because many times there is a height or an offset adjustment that needs to be made between the door and the frame in order to ensure a proper fit. It may be necessary to have a professional commercial locksmith in Portland provide assistance with this project. Additionally, oftentimes a higher level of security is needed for specific door ways, depending upon what the entryway is used for. If the lockset is for a commercial property, choosing to use locks of a Grade 1 is preferable as they considered as high security locks . Grade 2 locks are low security and are often found on the front doors of apartments.

Any inward opening entryway can benefit from this deterrent to tampering of the bolt and latch. It is compatible with key-in-knob, deadbolts, and mortise lock sets.