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Commercial Property Exit Device


Locksmith Portland exit device Many people are not familiar with what an “exit device” is despite the fact we all see them very frequently. Exit devices are crash bars and panic bars. Every commercial and public building in North America has at least one exit device, because fortunately, exit devices play a significant role in the safety and security of human lives and their property.


To be thorough, an exit device is a door hardware in which allows doors to remain locked from the outside when necessary. People inside the building, however, can still exit the same door quickly without having to unlock the door. Sound familiar?


A property owner who wishes to restrict the public’s ability to enter a building to just a few select doors can apply crash bars to all non-public entrances. No one is able to open these doors from the outside when locked. In the event of an emergency, such as a fire, those inside the building can use these locked doors as an emergency exit by pushing against the crash bar of the inside of the door. The term “panic bar” came to be applied to exit devices because they can be opened quickly in an emergency. Panic bars are also advantageous because people with limited mobility and small children can initiate them.


The history of exit devices


The first exit device was invented in the early 1900s under Von Duprin. The company continues to be the leading manufacturer of exit devices today, though other companies have now copied their original design. This is in large part due to new technology that has allowed for the creation of lighter and stronger materials to be used in addition to modern security control. The result is that there is now a wide range of quality exit devices that are available for purchase on the market. It is often recommended consulting a Portland locksmith regarding the type of exit device that would be right to a certain business property.

Portland locksmith panic bar

Industrialized countries of today all have some type of building code standard that dictates how an exit device should be installed to commercial and public buildings. A commercial locksmith will have the proper knowledge and skills to provide and install the proper exit device. For over a hundred years, many lives have been saved thanks to panic bars.


What can go wrong with exit devices


Sometimes the panic bar may start malfunctioning. If the panic bar ever starts to slide off, some screws may be loosening and need to be tightened. There are a few different screws, and it’s important to only deal with the necessary ones in order to avoid damaging the lock from inside. If an exit device is malfunctioning, it will be a good reason to call upon a professional locksmith in Portland. If your panic bar breaks due to constant use or an aggressive shove, don’t wait to have it repaired in order to stay consistent with building ordinances. Broken panic bars can either have problems locking compromising security or it will have trouble unlocking which would be a hazard to the people inside the property. Panic bars can easily be installed or restored by an experienced locksmith.



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