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Residential Forced Entry Intrusion Problem and Solution


Portland locksmith forced entryIf you have ever encountered a burglary or a trespasser, you understand how scary it can be. In many cases, the result is that our money, valuables and sense of security gets robbed from under us. I hope to provide to you a basic understanding of the techniques that criminals will use to gain access to your home. Furthermore, I am going to tell you a few things that you can do to keep yourself safe from forced entry attacks.


The most common way that intruders and burglars gain access to your home and business is through some sort of forced entry. It isn’t necessarily covert (though it can be), and it may be rather quick. The purpose of forced entry attacks is to make your security vulnerable so that they can gain illegal entry. There are many ways to attack a front door to gain entrance and each technique is categorized by the physical change that it creates on the lock. The predominant categories of forced entry attacks are with the uses of chemicals, compression, impact, shearing, tension, temperature and torsion. These techniques are used in order to displace, weaken or destroy structural parts in which will cause a compromise in your lock’s security.


What Intruders use to breakthrough a lock


Intruders utilize chemicals to corrode various lock components. Compression is the literal crushing of your security device to render it useless. Shearing is a common technique, the activities such as cutting, drilling and chopping fall into this category. Drilling is a popular tactic because it is effective and very quick. Impact is a technique that is used frequently against windows, doors and walls. Tension and torsion are fancy words for using forces such as pulling and pushing. It is important to have your locks changed or re-keyed, and to perhaps add some security features too. We will now go over a few security extras that you can purchase from your Portland locksmith.

Locksmith Portland deadbolt and strike plate

To become less susceptible to forced entry attacks, you can have a strong deadbolt installation from Schlage along with a heavy duty strike plate. An electric strike can also be used for additional security. Strikes will strengthen your door against intruders who try to kick your door in. Additionally, if you reinforce your door and door jamb, your door will further withstand kicks and shoves.


Other things you can do


Having good lighting around your exit points without too many surrounding bushes and trees is recommend. This will create  a difficult environment for a trespasser to not be seen while in the act. Make sure that all of the locks inside your home are of a great quality with security pins installed. Purchase a lock that is anti-bumping and anti-picking so that it can protect you from intruders who try to bypass it. Keep your windows and doors of all levels of your building locked for protection. Burglars oftentimes will gain access to the upstairs levels of your home since people feel safe and that it is unnecessary to lock high areas of their property up.


Now that you have a better understanding of the various ways burglars acquire access to our homes and businesses, call Advantage Locksmith Portland and get your home security augmented.

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