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The weather is getting warm with the sun shining out brightly high in the sky. It is that time of the year that many of us find that we suddenly are feeling motivated to take up some of that work we’ve been considering to do or holding back on. For this reason, at our Portland locksmith shop, we have been receiving quite a few calls from customers requesting us to perform a lock installation on their homes.

There are a few reasons to have a lock installation by a locksmith Portland onto a door of your household that previously did not have one prior. If you are adding a new room to your home or you possess a closet that you would like to have secured are just a couple of reasons why some people may consider installing a new lock onto a door.

Many types of locks to choose from

Lock installation in Portland

You may find it pertinent to know that there are a few different types of best locks possible that you can have installed onto a door at your home. Most doors found inside homes will possess locks such as a deadbolt locks, entry handle set locks or mortise locks. Often, you will find that on the front door of residences, handle set locks are very often paired with a deadbolt just to ensure that your home is properly secured. But if you want a lock installation onto a non outside access type of door to your home, such as a closet or bathroom door, it would be recommended not installing a deadbolt, but rather to have a lock installation of a traditional entry lock.

An intelligent way to go about having your lock or locks installed is to hire a professional Portland locksmith who had performed a lock installation service a few times at least and will be able to certify that your home is secure and safe. A locksmith will also help you choose the right type of lock for your home. If a locking mechanism is not installed correctly, it can cause your door to not shut or perhaps the lock itself won’t work either. A licensed professional locksmith can perform the job fairly quickly and can provide you with as many perfectly fitting keys to the lock as you find necessary.